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Tooth Mineralization and Sesamoid

  • Skeletal age was given to each individual using T.W.2 method (Tanner, Whitehouse, Marshall, Healy and Goldstein, 1975.)
  • The OPGs were examined and tooth mineralization on the left side rated according to the method described by Demerjian et al, 1973.
  • The range of the stages ascribed to the state of development of the teeth used in the study varied from C to H.
  • The maxillary posterior teeth were omitted from the study because superimposition of calcified structures in this area rendered accurate assessment of the state of development of these teeth virtually impossible.
  • Incisors and first molar teeth were not rated because apical closure had already taken place in all the subjects selected.
  • Third molars were also excluded from the study.
  • The teeth examined were thus the maxillary and mandibular canines, mandibular first and second premolars and mandibular second molars.

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