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Trauma to teeth and facial structures

  • The presence of one or two  usually sharply defined radiolucent lines with in the anatomic boundaries of structure.
  • If the line or lines extend beyond the boundaries of the mandible, more than likely they represent an overlapping structure.
  • If a line extends beyond the boundaries of tooth root ,the line may represent  superimposed neurovascular canal.


  • A change in the normal anatomic outline or shape of the structure .
  • A fractured mandible can be noticed by asymmetry between the left and right sides  or change in the contour of the occlusal plane at the location of the fracture site.
  •  A loss of continuity of an  outer border .This may appear as a gap . such a gap may also produce a step type defect where the two fragments have become displaced relative to one another .
  • An increase in the radiopopacity of the structure can be caused by the overlapping of two fragments of tooth or bone.

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