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      • Second molars are tipped to its desired anchorage prepared position. After space is closed a compensating bend is placed mesial to maintain its tip
      • First molars are tipped to an anchorage prepared position.Similar compensation bend is placed mesially to maintain its tip.
      • Second premolar is tipped distally to its anchorage prepared position
          • Utilized sequential mandibular anchorage preparation.
          • Only two teeth were tipped at a time.
          • Accomplished by using ten teeth as anchorage unit to tip two teeth at a time. This is referred as “Merrifield 10-2 system”.
      • Timing
      • Timing of treatment is an integral part of the treatment philosophy.
      • Treatment should be initiated when predetermined objectives can be most readily accomplished.
      • Interceptive treatment in the mixed dentition,
      • Selected extractions in the mixed dentition, or
      • Waiting for second molar eruption before initiating active treatment.

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