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Tweed-Merrifield Philosophy

  •    First degree anchorage preparation:
  •       Minimal anchorage preparation  required.
  •       applicable in : malocclusions with ANB 0-4deg ,facial
  •       esthetics are good, total discrepancy does not exceed 10mm.
  •       Mandibular anchor molars uprighted /maintained in their upright positions to prevent being elongated by Class II elastics.
  •       The direction of pull of the elastics in function, will not exceed 90 deg when related to the long axis of the terminal molars.
  • Closing loop application:
  •     maxillary and mandibular closing loops are used to close spaces mesial to the distalized canines
  • Vertical support in maxillary arch through J hook Headgear (hook b/t central and lateral)
  • Vertical support for mandibular anterior teeth through anterior vertical elastics

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