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  • Introduction :
  •    History and evolution of the edgewise appliance.
  •    Dr.E.H.Angle, Dr. Charles Tweed, Dr.Levern Merrifield—contributions to the development of edgewise appliance
  • The Tweed philosophy
  • The Tweed technique
  • The Tweed Merrifield philosophy
  • The Tweed Merrifield technique
  • Conclusion
  • Based on the then prevalent assumption that,if cuspal interdigitation of teeth were made normal, stimulation by function would result in growth of basal bone structures.
  • Little or no thought was given to the inclination of the mandibular incisor teeth or to normal mesiodistal rel of teeth and their respective jaw bases and head structures.
  • It was assumed function would take care of such matters.
  • Extraction of teeth for orthodontic therapy wasn’t even an option .

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