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Twin block

  • Total protrusion path is calculated by measuring the overjet in most retruded position and then in the most maximal protrusion and finding the difference between the two.
  • The initial activation should not exceed 70% of the protrusive path.
  • Average 5 – 10 mm on initial activation, depending upon the freedom of movement in protrusion function.
  • This degree of activation allows an overjet as large as 10 mm to be corrected.
  • Intergingival height
  • To establish the correct vertical dimension
  • Measured from gingival margin of upper incisor to gingival margin of lower incisor when teeth are in occlusion.
  • Comfort zone for intergingival height for patients is generally found to be 17-19 mm.
  • Height of upper & lower incisors minus overbite

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