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Ulcerative Lesions.

  • Chronic autoimmune subepithelial disease affecting the mucous membrane of patients above 50 years.
  • Results in mucosal blistering, ulceration and subsequent scarring.
  • The primary lesion of MMP occurs when the autoantibodies directed against the protein in the basement membrane zone acting with complement C3 and nuetrophils causing subepithelial split and subsequent vescicle formation.


  • Pts with mild oral disease should be treated with topical and intralesional steroids.
  • Desquamative gingivitis should be managed with topical steroids in a soft dental splint that covers the gingiva.
  • When topical and intralesional therapy fails then tetracycline , doxycycline and minocycline should be used.
  • In severe cases dapsone along with immunosuppressers can be used.

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