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    • Historical Perspective of Ultrasound
    • PIERRE CURIE, 1880 -PIEZOELECTRIC EFFECT-When mechanical stress is applied to a quartz crystal , it produced electric potential. REVERSE PIEZOELECTRIC EFFECT-By applying silver to the   face of the crystal and inducing pressure, mechanical changes occurs in the crystal producing sound waves
    • Uses of  echomyography of tongue :
    • For Evaluation of abnormal muscular contraction in patients with altered neuromuscular balance.
    • Anterior Open Bite
    • Increased  or diminished Lower anterior facial height
    • To assess neuromuscular imbalance in post orthognathic patients where facial heights are altered.
    • Sagittal and transverse correction of maxilla and mandible by growth modulation or surgery in Class II or Class III subjects.
    • In Asymmetry patients with dentofacial deformities.

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