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unicystic ameloblastoma

  • Unicystic Ameloblastoma is a variant of ameloblastoma first described by Robinson and Martinez in 1977.
  • Unicystic variant of ameloblastoma is believed to be less aggressive, tends to occur in younger age, and its response to enucleation or curettage is more favorable than the classic solid or multicystic ameloblastoma.
  • High percentage of these lesions are associated with impacted tooth and most commonly occur in posterior mandible.
  • It is asymptomatic and remains undetected until seen on the routine radiograph.
  • It is second and far less frequent growth pattern of intra osseous ameloblastoma.



  • It accounts less than 10-15% of all intra osseous ameloblastomas.
  • Though uni cystic ameloblastoma have clinical and radiographic characteristics of an odontogenic cyst, histopathologically it shows an ameloblastomatous epithelium lining part of the cyst cavity with or without luminal or mural proliferation.

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