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Uses of Head gears in Growing Skeletal Class

  • When the outer facebow is bent upward, both the occlusal and palatal planes are rotated counterclockwise.
  • anterior intrusion and normal molar eruption result in an improvement of anterior deep bite and an increase in posterior facial height.
  • Forward movement of the mandible is inhibited, despite the effect of the activator. Such an effect is indicated in brachyfacial patients with anterior deep bite and short lower facial height .
  • High angle with open bite -Treatment objectives are to :
  • inhibit vertical and sagittal growth of the maxilla,
  • prevent further eruption of the upper molars or, even better, intrude the upper molars,
  • promote sagittal growth of the mandible through reorientation of physiologic muscle forces,
  • prevent eruption of the lower molars,
  • move the lower teeth mesially, and
  • promote vertical growth of the anterior alveolar bone and eruption of incisors by removing any possible muscle interferences.


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