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uses of holography

    • A technique based on pulsed laser hologram interferometry was used to study the dynamics of incisor extrusion.
    • Maxillary central incisors of four subjects were loaded with forces acting along the long axis of the tooth, and the resulting motions were measured noninvasively in three dimensions. The incisor translations and rotations were used to determine centers of rotation.
    • Silicone impressions of skull dentition taken, working models made, and splints fabricated.
    •   The splints were cast in chromium-cobalt alloy.
    •   The splints were rigidly cemented to the teeth with zinc oxyphosphate.
    •  V-shaped hooks positioned along the splints served as points of attachment for force application
    •  Two forces, equivalent in magnitude and perpendicular to the occlusal plane, were generated by dead weights and applied at points symmetric to the midline. At the midpoint of the segment (that is, between the two central incisors), only a single force was applied.

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