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  • He developed an appliance called the Vari-Simplex Discipline “Vari” refers to the variety of bracket types used. “Simplex” relates to the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple, Sir).
  •   Archwire fabrication is simplified, with first-, second-, and third-order bends placed in the bracket instead of the archwire.
  •   Simpler archwires afford fewer archwire changes, and easier ligation and activation.
    • As the maxillary lateral incisors erupt, they frequently remain high relative to the normal position of the centrals, presenting a significant incisogingival interbracket discrepancy.
    •   Twin brackets on these teeth provide additional tie wings for easy initial wire placement, whereas the rotation wing of a single-width bracket might cause interference with the archwire.
    •   Twin brackets are smooth and minimize irritation of labial tissue.

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