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VARI-Simplex part-2

  • Separators placed
  • 2 weeks later maxillary  arch bonded and banded
  • Initial archwire -.0175”Respond or .017”.025” D-Rect braided wire is tied with o- ring
  • Treatment started in max arch and allow the mandibular arch to drift for 6 to 8 months [except in class III or bimaxillary protrusion cases]
  • 2 weeks later –rotations are tied with steel ligature wire and cervical facebow is seated.
  • Patient’s teeth have been properly positioned ,
  • -centric relation is achieved
  • -roots at extraction sites parallel
  • -mandibular canine width not expanded
  • -proper buccal and labial torque
  • -normal overjet and overbite
  • -class I canine relation

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