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  • The Principles of the Alexander Discipline
  • Vari-Simplex Appliance Design & Construction
  • Non-Extraction Treatment
  • Face Bow Correction of Skeletal Class II Discrepancies in the Alexander Discipline
  • The Orthodontic Management of Vertical Deficiencies
  • Extraction Treatment
  • Finishing & Detailing
  • Treat one arch at a time, beginning in the upper arch; in extraction cases treat the upper arch while allowing the crowded mandibular arch to “drift” before placing appliances (driftodontics).
  • Use is made of a cervical face bow to a tied-back arch wire to create an orthopedic response in normal and low-angle skeletal Class II cases.
  • Control lower incisor flaring by -5 ° torque in the incisor brackets and placing an initial rectangular flexible arch wire.
  • Upright the lower first molars with -6 ° tip.
  • Spread lower anterior roots with specific angulated brackets.

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