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    • ASKOV  IS  a  small forming  community with people of Danish origin
    • Prevalence of dental caries was high in this community as
    • Shown by the surveys conducted during 1943 and 1946
    • Askov dental demonstration program was conducted by Dental section of Minnesota department of health during the period from 1949 to 1957
    • This program included caries prevention and control, dental health education and dental care
    • The Askov dental health council acted as the governing body
    • All methods of Dental caries prevention were used in this demonstration except Communal water flouridation (No communal water fluoridation for Askov till 1955)
    • Five Dentists from nearby community performed the preventive procedures including topical fluoride application
  • Classroom and teacher videos and teacher guides for kindergarten through grade six to help to be more effective in classrooms
  • Several additional teaching aids are available ,such as more than 50 different leaflets, and handouts on nutrition , fluoride , plaque control and smoke less tobacco
  • The film laboratory contains some 30 films ,videos and slide sets on dental health ,which are free on loan to any school in state

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