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viral diseases 2

  • Acute febrile disease by Coxsackievirus A 10
  • Predominantly children  and young adults
  • Sore throat, fever, and mild headache,  anorexia, lasting from 4 to 14 days
  • Low nu. (1 to 5) raised, discrete, whitish or yellow to dark pink nodules surrounded by a narrow zone of eythema
  • Appear on uvula, soft palate, anterior pillars and posterior oropharynx.


  • Incubation period from 8 – 12 days
  • Prodromal symptoms
  • Skin eruption usually begins on face, in the hair line and behind the ears
  • Spread to the neck, chest, back and the extremities
  • Appears as tiny red macules or papules which enlarge and coalesce to form blotchy, discolored, irregular lesions –  blanch on pressure – gradually fade away in 4 to 5 days – fine desquamation.

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