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VS part-1

    • –  Introduction
    • –  Concept and Appliance design
    •          -Diagnosis and treatment planning
    •          -The concept
    •              * Bracket selection
    •              *Bracket height
    •              *Bracket angulation
    •              *Bracket torque
    •              *Bracket in and out
    •              *Archwire selection and sequence
    • -Non Extraction treatment
    •           -Maxillary and mandibular arches
    •           -Extraoral force application                 Sameer
    • The concept of the Vari Simplex Discipline:-
    • The size and shape of the teeth, especially the mesiodistal width and curvature.
    •        These affect interbracket width, which, in turn, affects the ability to rotate the teeth and level the arch without using vertical springs, multiloops, or extra arch wires.
    •          The system evolved around five factors related to brackets: bracket selection, bracket height, bracket angulation, bracket torque and bracket in-out.

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