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VS part-2

  • Separators placed
  • 2 weeks later maxillary  arch bonded and banded
  • Initial archwire -.0175”Respond or .017”.025” D-Rect braided wire is tied with o- ring
  • Treatment started in max arch and allow the mandibular arch to drift for 6 to 8 months [except in class III or bimaxillary protrusion cases]
  • 2 weeks later –rotations are tied with steel ligature wire and cervical facebow is seated.
  • If the mandibular arch is properly positioned –the arch level with the incisors not tipped forward ,the molars uprighted ,and the canines not appreciably expanded –and the maxillary teeth interdigitate with the mandibular teeth in good centric relation ,significant relapse is limited.

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