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  •  In early days of Orthodontic treatment, the original
  •      diagnostic records consisted only of a set of patient
  •      record and the patient’s were classified as Angle’s class
  •      1 or 2 or 3 dental malocclusion.
  •      Treatment prescription during those times basically
  •      aimed at establishing class 1 alignment of the dental
  •      arch. Therefore Orthodontics became branded as a field
  •      dedicated to correcting occlusal disharmony rather than
  •      looking through the facial changes occurring during the
  •      course or as a result of the treatment being constituted.
  •   The alignment of the teeth was confined to the upper
  •      arch only, as the orthodontist during those times
  •      believed that only the upper arch was quite obvious
  •      when the patient speaks or smiles.
  •     The basic objective to align the teeth was that if the teeth
  •     were malaligned, they are more prone to /for decay. As a
  •     result growth and treatment forecast terminologies were
  •     obsolete during the past.
  •     The recognition of jaws interaction and the position of the
  •     teeth lead to a refinement of the diagnostic procedure
  •     and treatment, wherein beyond dental terminologies all
  •     other factors were analyzed.

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