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X-ray film


  • The usual image receptor used in dentistry  is radiographic film.  There are two basic types:
  • Direct –action or non screen film(also referred to as wrapped or packet film):This type of film is sensitive  primarily to x-ray photon
  • Indirect-action or screen film, so called because it is used in combination with intensifying screen in a cassette. This type of film is sensitive to light photons ,which  are emitted by the adjacent intensifying screens
  • Direct-action film is used for intraoral radiography where the need for excellent image quality and fine anatomical detail are of importance.


  • For extra oral projections screen film is used with intensifying screens
  • Screen film is different from intraoral film in the following aspects:
  • It is designed to be sensitive to visible light because it is placed between intensifying screens
  • screen films use tabular shaped grains of silver halide to capture image
  • Green sensitizing dyes are added to the surface of the tubular grains to increase their light absorbing capabilities

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